Baby Skincare Tips: Do’s and Don’t for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Baby Skincare Tips: Do’s and Don’t for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

 Babies have the most delicate, soft, and sensitive skin. There’s a good reason for this. At the beginning of their development their hair is still growing and their skin less thick, so they’re prone to more accidents and irritants. The way you take care of your baby’s skin determines their level of comfort and health. What goes on their skin goes into their body. Here are some tips for your baby’s skin that can help clear the way for more gentle and kind interactions.


  •  Use products with harsh fragrances and perfumes. Avoid them if you can.
  • Avoid fabric softener dryer sheets which can actually irritate the skin from leftover debris.
  • Avoid shampoo and washes with certain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, which can hurt a child’s eyes.


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If your child ends up with extra scale buildup on their scalp, also known as cradle cap, simply use mineral oil to gently dust off the excess thick scales with a soft bristle brush or toothbrush.

 Soaps and Anti-Bacterial Products

 When it comes to soap and anti-bacterial products, you need to keep in mind if the ingredients will dry out your baby’s skin or potentially kill off any positive germs your baby needs to kill off bacteria. Therefore:


  •  Avoid adult deodorant soaps. These can dry out a baby’s skin.
  • Use mild soaps and bar soaps that are labeled as cleansers. No need for harsh ones. Simple, clean ingredients will do. Brands like Mamamiz are vegan and baby-friendly.
  • Avoid anti-bacterial products. The anti-bacterial properties will actually decrease resistance to germs and therefore become harder to kill off when they come in contact with your baby’s skin. They can also dry out your baby’s skin.
  • Avoid bubble bath products, unless they’re mild. Opt for a moisturizing time after a bath to avoid dry and scaly skin.
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