Mille De Fleur Blanche Repairing Crème - 40ml
Builds a strong skin barrier, providing both moisturization and elasticity. A tiny amount of nature-origin lipid storage substance extract to help the effects last for 24 hours. Has concentrated vitality of plants and flowers to revert the damages done from dry dehydrated skin....
Mille De Fleur Etoile Brightening Crème - 40ml
Moisturize with the optimal recipe for brightening your skin tone while providing moisture and clear all day. Rich polyphenol, anthocyanin, vitamin C, and vitamin E of rosa centifolia flower water with strong anti-oxidant to keep your skin young and healthy....
Mille De Fleur Etoile Moist Calming Sérum - 100ml
Fill your dehydrated sensitive skin to become moist and clean with this serum. The vegan-certified nature-originated substance is softly absorbed even by the sensitive skin without any irritation. The perfect balance of strong anti-oxidation and whiting effects to restore the...
Mille De Fleur Blanche Extra Concentrate Sérum - 30ml
Make your skin Healthy and Elastic by restoring the broken balance with this ampoule serum Rich Mineral & Anti-oxidant white truffle acts deep inside the skin to cultivate your skin strong and soft Absorbed fast & smooth without leaving any...
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