Organic Ground Cactus Soothing Cream Face & Body - 150ml
[Soothing and Relaxing] Immediately relieves the congenital fever, miliaria, redness, and skin troubles and makes comfort sensitive skin with Cactus and Aloe extract [Lock in Moisture] 7types Organic oil enrich to help nourish and hydrate skin [Free of irritants &...
Organic Ground Squ Squ Lotion Face & Body - 300ml
[Soothing Effect] USDA- Certified organic green tea water and Centella Asiatica extracts calm and lock in moisture to protect the baby’s sensitive skin [Extreme Hydration] Rich nutrition of unrefined organic oil & squalene enriched to help hydrate and moisturize the...
Organic Ground Squ Squ Oil Face and Body - 50ml
[Unrefined Organic Oil] Unrefined organic oil carrying rich nutrients, firms up the skin to offer a thicker barrier. [Free of Harsh Chemicals] 0% chemical, preservative-free, safe, and reliable with free of parabens, sulfates, and harmful chemicals. [Calming and Moisturizing] Rich...
Organic Ground Top to Toe Wash Bath & Shampoo - 300ml
[Healthy skin barrier ] pH 5.5 Slightly acidic formula matches the pH level of healthy skin so its bubble works mildly on baby’s sensitive skin and eyes. [Passed Germany eye derma-test] Tear-free Safe and non-irritating for skin & eyes of...
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