Owndo Hydro Calming (Organic Cleansing Bar)

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  • EWG Rated Green and Vegan Skincare; All Ingredients From Seasonal Nature and Made Phyto Balance System with No Animal Tested cleansing bar for Women Men; Eco-Friendly Packaging; 100g before drying, 80g after drying; Official Vegan Cruelty-Free Certification From PETA
  • The Cleansing bar's chrysanthemum extract, jojoba oil, and oatmeal remove dead skin and impurities. They also soothe down the skin; Abundant Polyphenols and Non-toxic Materials in Gujeolcho Which is Our Own Recipe Of The Ultimate Vegan Skincare Cosmetic Products
  • Perfect to Keep Balanced From Oily Face and Keep Moisturized with Wrinkle Improvement and Facial Skin Care cleansing bar; Lower Facial Skin Temperature Immediately; Natural Ingredients Plants Produce To Protect Themselves From Damage with Our Unique Recipe of Phyto Balanced System.
  • Direction: Lather the cleansing bar with water or use a bubble maker to massage over the face gently. Rinse it off thoroughly with cleansing water.
  • Keep Your Skin Hydrating with Glowing Beauty Skin Even After Washing Off Your Makeup; Sustain Your Beauty with True Korean Beauty Cosmetic Products; Let Your Facial Skin Keep Hydrating Without Stickiness.
Owndo Hydro Calming (Organic Cleansing Bar)
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